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Stockpile Conveyors

Superior’s reputation was earned on the belts of their industrious stacking conveyors. At the crown is the TeleStacker® Conveyor. This telescopic radial stacking conveyor has been known as the King of the Stockpile since the 1990s.

Superior is constantly reinventing and — thanks to help from our creative customers — consistently modernizing. With the TeleStacker Conveyor as the foundation, our progressive stockpile conveyors are ready for your challenge.

Machinery Supply is the authorized distributor for the following manufacturers:

Stockpile Conveyors Types

TeleStacker® Conveyor

Max Production: 5,000 STPH
Max Stockpile: 395,000 tons
Max Discharge Angle: 25°

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Pinnacle® Conveyor

Max Production: 1,100 STPH
Max Stockpile: 101,400 tons
Max Discharge Angle: 22°

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PowerStacker® Conveyor

Max Production: 1,200 STPH
Max Stockpile: 119,700 tons
Max Discharge Angle: 18°

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Radial Stacking Conveyors

Standard Lengths: 40'-150'
Belt Widths: 24"-42"
Capacities: 1,200 STPH

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Slide-Stac™ Conveyors

Tripper Conveyor

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