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Superior Pinnacle Conveyor

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Designed with a maximum conveying angle of 22°, Superior Pinnacle Conveyors build larger volume stockpiles than competitor conveyors of equal length.

This high angle material handling incorporates a setback axle into the undercarriage of the portable stacker.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable pintle style hitch provides the most secure coupling.
  • Radial receiving hopper with bolt on design includes adjustable flashing in gathering trough.
  • Chevron pulley ejects fugitive material for longer lasting pulleys and belting.
  • Idlers with trusted seal design provides shields bearing from fugitive material
  • V-Plow shields tail pulley and drive from onslaught of damaging fugitive material.
  • Hydraulic powerfold patented design is inverted to protect cylinder rods from debris during operation.

Superior Pinnacle Conveyor Axle Configurations:

Superior Pinnacle Conveyor Axle Options


Maximum Stockpile Capacities (Manual Piles)*:

Conveyor Length (ft) Stockpile Height Conical 90˚ 180˚ 270˚
ft x in m tons metric tons tons metric tons tons metric tons tons metric tons
80′ 33’ 10.1 3,300 3,000 11,700 10,600 20,100 18,200 28,500 25,900
100′ 40′ 12.2 6,100 5,500 21,900 20,000 37,700 34,200 53,600 48,600
125′ 50′ 15.2 11,400 10,300 41,400 37,600 71,400 64,800 101,400 92,000

* Assumptions based on material which has a 37° angle of repose and 100 PCF (1.6 t/m³) material density.


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