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Superior Zipline Modular Overland Conveyor

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There are plenty of applications for these custom-designed overland conveyor systems; however, if your transfer distance is less than 2,500 feet (762m) and your tonnage rate is less than 2,000 tons (1,800 MT) per hour…the Superior Zipline Conveyor for you.

Zipline Conveyors require little to no engineering time, which results in significantly quicker lead times from our factories

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Pre-designed head, intermediate and tail sections
  • Customizable lengths up to 2500’
  • 30” to 48” belt widths

Superior Zipline Conveyor Specifications

Zipline Conveyor:

  • Belt Widths: 30″ – 42″
  • Conveyor Lengths: Less than 1,000′
  • Intermediate Sections: Linking 10’ sections with H-supports
  • Installation: Tool-less, 2-day installation time for 1000’
  • Engineering: Pre-engineered sections

Zipline Ext Conveyor:

  • Belt Widths: 30″ – 48″
  • Conveyor Lengths: 1000’ – 2500’
  • Intermediate Sections: 40’ table top stand alone sections.
  • Installation:
    • Requires hardware.
    • Tower take-up will require erection.
    • More time than standard Zipline Conveyor, but still much less time than engineered overland.
  • Engineering:
    • Requires hardware
    • Tower take-up will require erection
    • More time than standard Zipline Conveyor, but still much less time than engineered overland


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