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Feed Conveyors

Feed conveyors are some of the most crucial pieces of machinery in your plant. They’re the trendsetters, the pacemakers and the beginning of an orderly and thriving bulk handling or processing operation.

Trust us when we say we’re paying extra special attention to the durability, maintainability and flexibility of these front-line workers

Machinery Supply is the authorized distributor for the following manufacturers:

Feed Conveyor Models

RazerTail® Truck Unloader

Capacity: 1,000-2,000stph
Cycle Times: 2-3min
Material Sizes: 4-8"

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Razerlink™ Mobile Conveyor

Capacity: 1,360stph (1,000mtph)
Max Material Size: 5"
48" or 72" Models

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Tunnel Reclaim Conveyor

Widths: 8'-12'
Heights: 8'-9' 6"
Lengths: 17' or 51'

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Dozer Trap

Size: 40"x35'

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