WorldWide Electric


WorldWide Electric is a quality supplier of Electric Motors, Controls, Variable Frequency Drives, Soft Starts and Gear Reducers. They are the largest independent manufacturer/importer of industrial electric motors in the United States. WorldWide Electric is also the exclusive master distributor and representative for Hyundai’s electric motors for North America. All of their products are backed by industry leading warranties.



"Ultimate" Shaft Mount Reducers

"Ultimate" Shaft Mount Reducers are not just another copy. Manufactured in Taiwan using only high quality gearing and bearings. These boxes out-perform the high priced boxes for a fraction of the price, and come with a 3 year full replacement warranty. The gearboxes are available in 15:1 and 25:1 ratios in sizes 2 to 9. Click the image above for more information.


Variable Frequency Drives

Hyundai Drives are a well-built, heavy duty drive which is very easy to program and work on. They stand up to the harshest conditions in most environments. Available in sizes ranging from 0.5 - 450 HP. Click the image above for more information.

Electric Motors
HD Aggregate Design, Oilfield Specialized, Mine Duty

WorldWide offers motors for all industries; Advanced Design Rock Crusher Duty, Mine Duty, Explosion Proof, C-Face, and Standard T-Frame design. These motors meet all design criteria from CSA to ISO and come with an unmatched warranty for 2-3 years. Motors are available from 1-500 HP in 1200 and 1800 RPM.

Click the image above for more information. 

Heavy Duty Reduced Voltage Soft Starters

Soft Starts from WorldWide come in an enclosed case complete with stop/start buttons on the front of the door panel, and a bypass that allows the motor to either start across the line or soft start if needed. Click the image above for more information.