Machinery Supply offers a broad range of urethane solutions for the crushining and material handling industry.  We have some of the most innovative products on the market and some of the most basic.  Have a look below and see what we have been supplying.  There is no doubt that the initial investment price of urethane products are significant.  Once you have put these products to work and see the return on investment by reducing downtime, it all starts to make sense.


Urethane Flashing, Standard sizes from Stock

1/2" x 4" c/w bevel edge 

1/2" x 6" c/w bevel edge 

1/2" x 8" c/w bevel edge 


3/8" Deep Leg Crown Bar cover 21' Rolls


Tension Panels in stock


Urethane Coated Clamp Bars for any make in stock

Urethane Cable Trays, drive over strength of up to 18,000 KG per axle.  Keep your cables tidy and reduce trip hazards, use to mark safe access points into and around your plant.

Delivery from stock