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Superior Liberty Jaw Crusher Plant

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The Superior Liberty Jaw Crusher Plant is vertically integrated. Meaning, Superior manufactures about 95% of the materials that make up your portable plant. They’re one of the only manufacturers in the world who can claim this but more importantly, it offers our customers the truest access to a custom-designed processing plant.

Most portable plant manufacturers offer customization, but they only control the materials they manufacture (typically just the chassis).

Key Features:

Liberty Jaw Crusher Configurations:

Available Trims:

Main Beams Standard main beams with uncapped ends Standard main beams with capped end weld
Bearings Dodge SCM bearings Dodge S2000 bearings
Cable and Hose Clamps Wiring is ran through standard loop retainer Wiring is ran through and retained by welded unistrut and rubber protective clamps
Guarding Standard (shafts, v-belts and rotating parts) Standard (shafts, v-belts and rotating parts) Area/frame guarding
Handrail Square tube Bent round pipe
Access Gates Chain safety latch Hinged, self-closing safety gates
Assembly Options are welded to the plant Options are bolted to the plant
Cord Holders Not included Vertical cord holder included
Level Assist Not available Optional
Walkway Access None, Removable, Vertical sliding, or Steep angle options None, Removable, Vertical sliding, or Steep angle options
Leveling Legs Manual or Hydraulic options available Manual or Hydraulic options available
Control Panel None, NEMA or IEC options None , NEMA or IEC options



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