Electric Motors

Machinery Supply distributes Electric Motors for World Wide Electric.  We offer two brands through them, WWE Motors and Hyundai.  Bewtween these two offerings, we cover the complete spectrum of Motor Requirements.  


WorldWide Electric is a pioneer in the development of the Aggregate motor.  Our superior design lies in the details:


  • High breakdown torque; higher than competitor's published specifications!

  • 500/580 frame incorporates oversized bearings

  • 8 bolts are used on the end bell to compensate for the overhung loads found in the aggregate market. (versus the competitors typical 4)

  • WorldWide incorporates a frame length “mounting foot” rather than tabs used by the competition.  This foot allows for additional heat dissipation and accommodates the high vibration encountered in crusher applications.

  • The shaft key is radiused to eliminate notch sensitivity thus diffusing the stresses incurred.

  • Most manufactures utilize smaller bearings on the Opposite Drive End (ODE).  We incorporate the same size bearings on both the DE and ODE.

  • All WorldWide Electric Premium Efficient TEFC motors utilize quality SKF bearings and LGHP2 grease

  • 25HP and above are shipped with a shaft lock (held in place by two screws) to hold the rotor in place during shipping.