Whether you’re in need of a unit with some serious firepower for a massive undertaking or a portable dust suppression machine for a smaller task, Machinery Supply has a full line of Hi-pressure Air Water Cannons (HAWC) ready to assist in combating invasive and problematic debris surrounding and within your project.


We offer a complete dust suppression solutions to keep dust particulates down at your job site. The portability of HAWC/Dust Destroyers, Dust Demolishers, and Dust Regulators can help solve your daily dust control issues at Crushing plants, demolition sites, scrap/recycling yards, mining applications, construction sites, aggregate yards, quarries, local solid waste facilities, composting facilities, forestry sites, agricultural product storage facilities, power generation sites, fly ash disposal facilities, slurry ponds, and river & port product handling/storage facilities.


Additional application solutions provided by our water cannons include dewatering of landfill ponds, odor control, ADC agent applications, irrigation, livestock temperature management, pond dewatering, and landfill air humidification. 

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