Welcome to our webpage and thanks for taking a few minutes to have a look around.  Any products you see on our page have been put to the test in the field in Western Canada before we offer it to you for sale.  We stand behind what we sell and can offer you our expertise in proper sizing, application and solutions for many of your problems.  When we can't help you, we will let you know.


Machinery Supply brings together over 30 years experience in the Crushing Industry.  Our knowledge of the equipment and the parts that are needed to keep it all running gives us a distinct advantage over other suppliers.  During our years working in the industry, we have developed a network of business associates that allow us access  many different options to meet your requirements.  Next time you need a piece of equipment or a complete spread, give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Below are pictures of some new plants that we have just completed in our shop, they turned out great!

The benefits of a belt scraper:

- Increases profit

- Decreases the loss of material

- Equipment life is longer

- Decrease costs

- Decreases Dust

- Creates a safer work environment

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New Belt Scrapers


New Software Scales 
- Installs in MCC
- No mechanical installation


- Accurate and Consistent

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New Roll-Up Screens
Urethane side tension panels
Small opening sizes
Large open area
3x Wire Life of Wire 

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